12 Stones Legacy is a resource of Bible lessons and Podcasts to encourage you from God's Word to embrace reality in a delusional world.


Family Life Resources was established to enrich the life of hurting and wounded souls through the loving care and help of Dr. Ted and Jo Ann Stone. The emblem of the eagle illustrates the fact that the final reminder of human frailty is forward-looking, clearing the way for trust and the transcending of natural resources. The phrase "renew their strength" (Isaiah 40:31) literally means "change strength" by exchanging faulty coping skills for biblical belief that results in behavior changes.

Dr. Ted and Jo Ann Stone have been married for fifty-eight years and in ministry all of those years. Neither Dr. Stone nor his wife were from a Christian home; therefore their decision to enter full time ministry was made, knowing there would be no emotional, spiritual or financial support from their families. This part of their history prepared them for addressing the issues of a broader base of society than has been brought up through church related activities. Their clientele ranges from missionaries in Europe, East Asia, Latin America, pastors and staff workers in churches and service organizations, aerospace personnel including astronauts, physicians, attorneys business owners, employees, couples and families.

Dr. and Mrs. Stone have traveled extensively to other continents, teaching people in ministry in Africa and East Asia. Both have been featured speakers in conferences in Kansas, Texas, California, Africa and East Asia. Their radio ministries in California and Texas reached a broad segment of society. Together they have pioneered churches and trained personnel for three mission organizations; Overseas Crusades, International Christian Ministries, and Campus Crusade for Christ, International.

The Stones continue to host countless people from several European countries, including Russia, Africa, South America, East Asia, Southeast Asia and many from the United States who come to them for counsel and guidance. All are received with grace and love and are given maximum physical, emotional and spiritual care.