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When Joshua lead the Israelites over the Jordan River on dry land (Joshua 4:4-7), the priests were told to leave twelve stones, representing the twelve tribes of Israel...

What kinds of enemies did Israel have to battle in the promised land?

The prerequisite for perpetuating this eternal and permanent legacy to the whole human race is...



Real Life Stories


Everyone has a story. Our Bibles are full of stories. Hebrews 11 contains the condensed version of people’s real life-stories. When we read the details of these life-stories in the Old Testament, we may wonder why more of the details were not included in that chapter. Note, however, that each of these showcased stories shares one commonality: God is faithful; each individual discovered that through agonizing trials.


In this category entitled “Real Life-Stories” you will find that same thread: God is faithful. Only in the trials was the depth of His faithfulness fully experienced.


May you be blessed and encouraged as you “pilgrim” your way down what seems to be a crooked path toward our final destination: Eternity with our Father.

Leah's Story  Satan is attacking as never before the core of the church, Christian marriage, through deception regarding God’s true meaning of Ephesians 5:21: Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ. Read Leah’s account of the results of ignoring this most powerful of guidelines for showcasing Christ and His Bride to the watching world.

Exposing the Darkness by Breaking the Silence  Over our many years of counseling and discipleship, the Lord has brought through our doors and into our hearts countless men and women who are carrying such hurt that we can barely keep from sobbing with them …and sometimes we do. This precious young woman whom we shall call “Sonja’, was and is one of those. My Ted is suffering with a malignant brain tumor as I write this. When Sonja first met Ted she was too afraid of men to let him reach out in love to her. Now she reaches out to him, for the Father has healed her wounded soul. This week she called to ask if Ted is able to write a few lines to her so that she can cherish his personal love for her until that day when we all meet at the Throne of our Father where we will praise Him forever. This is Sonja’s story…