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When Joshua lead the Israelites over the Jordan River on dry land (Joshua 4:4-7), the priests were told to leave twelve stones, representing the twelve tribes of Israel...

What kinds of enemies did Israel have to battle in the promised land?

The prerequisite for perpetuating this eternal and permanent legacy to the whole human race is...




Insights into Scripture


I am in my 80's. For years I have been urged by friends to write my autobiography. I am not going to…for this reason: An “auto” biography implies that my story would be a story about me, dictated by me. As you study with me, you will find that these lessons are His story, dictated by Him, which He has relentlessly insisted upon threading through every visible and hidden part of my being.


We have noted that people aren’t very interested in the DNA of their parents and grandparents until they reach about forty years old at which time they may have the astounding thought that the world did not begin when they were born. It is our desire that they will be so rooted in Christ by that time that they will see that they, as have we, access at all times to His reality in a delusional world.


Woven in these Bible studies will be my story. If my story seems to crowd out His story that is not my intent. I am praying that you will be transformed by the Word of God in a way that makes His story your story, as well.


—Jo Stone


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